Access to an additional subscription can only be granted if the user has a primary subscription. For example, if a user has a primary Microsoft Office 365 subscription, he can be granted access to an additional Skype for Business subscription.

1. Once bought, the content purchased and the number of licenses available is shown in your account. To go to the personal account page, click on the button marked with a red arrow on Exhibit 1 or access it through

2. The purchased content will be placed in the "Activate" section (blue arrow on Exhibit 1). 

3. The “Transfer” column (green arrow on Exhibit 1) will show the total number of licenses issued or purchased. Content may be transferred only if there are unused licenses available. Once all licenses have been issued (including those activated to self), transfer and activation buttons will be disabled (greyed-out).

Exhibit 1

4. An additional subscription can be activated for yourself or transferred to another user.

4.1. To activate for yourself, press the button indicated by the green arrow on Exhibit 2.

4.2. To transfer to another user, click the button indicated by the blue arrow on Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2

5. In the window that opens, you must specify the user to whom the license will be transferred (the green arrow on Exhibit 3).

Since the activation of an additional subscription is possible only for users who already have a primary subscription, the platform automatically checks for a subscription and in the “Search” field displays only users who have a primary subscription.

6. If necessary, you can change the starting date of the license.

6.1. Uncheck the box “Maximum Term” (blue arrow on Exhibit 3).

6.2. Indicate the begin date of the license in the field marked with an orange arrow on Exhibit 3.

6.3. End date will change automatically.

If you did not plan to change the term of the license, leave everything unchanged.

7. Click the “Assign” button (red arrow on Exhibit 3).

Exhibit 3