This report that analyzes direct and reseller sales is used for overseeing compliance with partner agreements. It displays wholesale and retail prices in applicable currency, the quantity of goods sold and total direct and reseller sales.

1. Go to “Reports” and select Sales Statistics (red arrow on Exhibit 1). 

2. Select the report period start and end date (blue arrow on Exhibit 1).

3. If desired, select catalog items (green arrow on Exhibit 1) to be included in the report. If no items are specified, the report will include data on all of them by default.

4. Click on the “Display Results” button (purple arrow on Exhibit 1).

Exhibit 1

5. The report generated will display sales by specific distributors and resellers.

5.1. Click on “Show Full Report” (red arrow on Exhibit 2) to see the data for any specific organization across the catalog item lineup.

5.2. Click on “Hide Full Report” (green arrow on Exhibit 2) to fold the report for the organization selected.

Exhibit 2

6. To customize catalog item values in the Report, click on “Other Fields” (green arrow on Exhibit 3).

Exhibit 3

7. All the check-marked fields will be reflected in the report. Fields that have not been check-marked will not be reflected in the report. 

7.1. To enter a field, click on it with your mouse (green arrow on Exhibit 4). A check mark will appear next to the field.


Exhibit 4

7.2. To conceal a field, click on it with your mouse (red arrow on Exhibit 5). The check mark next to the field will disappear.

Exhibit 5

7.3. Please note that there are mandatory fields in the report that cannot be unchecked. Such fields are grayed out (blue arrow on Exhibit 6).

Exhibit 6

8. For convenient future use, this report may be exported as an .xls file. To do that, once the report is generated, click on the “Export to Excel” button (green arrow on Exhibit 7).

Exhibit 7