Launching the a-store reader

Browsing your purchased content

Downloading content to your device

Deleting downloaded content from your device

Deauthorizing a device

Launching the A-Store Reader

Select and install A-Store Reader from the corresponding app store for your operating system or use the link Launch the application, and the A-Store login page will be displayed. Use the login name and password you entered during A-Store registration or login through a third party application, such as Facebook.

Exhibit 1

Browsing your purchased content

Once logged in, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the content that is available in your account. To update the list of available content, click on the button marked with a blue arrow on Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2

Downloading content to your device

Because most audio and movie files are large, they won’t be downloaded from A-Store to your device automatically. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the file you want to download, and use the special icon to download a file to your device (green arrow on Exhibit 3).

Exhibit 3

Deleting downloaded content from your device

Videos, in particular, take up a lot of storage space, so you may need to delete them once you’ve watched them. Fortunately, deleting files couldn’t be easier. Simply click the special delete icon shown below. Remember: you’re deleting the file from your device’s storage; you aren’t deleting the content from your account. You can load content again to your device and view it at any time.


Exhibit 4

How to untie content from current device

Once a content file is downloaded, it is automatically “tied” to your device. Quite often, copyright holders limit the number of devices on which their content may be viewed at the same time. That is if the maximum allowed number of devices for a certain file is two and you already have it in A-Store Reader on your desktop and your tablet, you cannot load it onto another device. You need to “untie” this content from your desktop or tablet first.

To “untie” the file use the special icon as shown on Exhibit 5.

In the example below, book A (Exhibit 5) is tied to the current device, and book B (Exhibit 6) - isn’t.

Exhibit 5 - The file is tied to the current device.

Exhibit 6 - The file isn't tied to the current device.

To learn more about working with A-Store Reader on different devices, please, go to the A-Store Reader instructions section.