General Provisions

Service Levels

Issues to be solved

The Procedure of Contacting Technical Support

Assessing the Quality of Technical Support Provided

Additional Information for Aggregion Partners

General Provisions

1. Aggregion's Technical Support Service ("TSS" or "Technical Support") supports the Aggregion Platform, Aggregion Reader and Aggregion Player (jointly referred to as the Product) subject to applicable agreements with respective partner companies. The service offered extends to said partners' clients. 

Technical support will address issues as set forth in these rules, in accordance with the service level selected in each particular case as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

2. Before contacting technical support, please review information that may be available on your specific issue in applicable documents, guidelines or FAQs. 

3. Issues beyond the scope of technical support should be brought up with applicable third parties, such as hosting or service provider companies, third-party software or content developers, etc. Technical support may help address issues related to specific online projects developed for end users by partner companies, provided that such issues are directly related to errors or problems with the Product.


Service Levels

1. Service requests for technical support will be classified into different levels as per applicable Service Level Agreements (SLA). Service levels will differ by response time (and other parameters) and will depend on the nature of the problem.

2. Technical support availability

Technical support requests may be made 24/7 and are processed in the order they are received.

Maximum allowed response time depends on the support level as per the SLA. Emergency requests that require immediate intervention or a consultation by technical personnel may be expedited. Such issues may include restoring service outages for the online project as a whole or specific parts thereof. 

Response time will depend on how critical the request is, how difficult the problem is and whether the quality department needs to get involved.

3. Furthermore, problems that cannot be addressed using available Product tools will be referred to the development department to agree upon a possible solution. Decisions will be made as the nature of the problem is diagnosed, in accordance with the general Product development plan.

4. Technical support cannot guarantee that a particular problem will be resolved within a certain period of time since there may be a number of factors involved, such as (not) receiving a prompt response from the client, additional time needed to develop and release a software update, etc.

Response time also depends on the technical support's overall workload at any given moment and may be less than that stated. Some issues may be resolved almost immediately, once questions from clients or users are received, or additional information requested furnished. It may take technical support personnel longer to respond to additional information furnished, but in no event longer than the maximum amount of time allowed to respond at a given service level. Under such circumstances, there is no need to use additional channels to contact technical support as in most situations this will not help resolve the problem faster. 

5. The following are the technical support service levels available:

5.1. Emergency Support:

Resolving urgent issues (for which the partner is not at fault) that, if left unaddressed, make working with the front-end or administrative portion of the Product impossible;

If technical support personnel discover and confirm a critical error in Product operations, they will help restore the site's regular functionality. Such errors include those that cannot be worked around – for example, by using a different browser or interface component.

The maximum allowed response time at this level will be 6 hours.

5.2. Standard Support:

Investigating issues arising while using the Product;

Conducting additional API development where specific operations or methods have not been described in user documentation or where performance differs from that documented;

Dispensing general-purpose advice on creation and management of online projects using the Product.

The maximum allowed response time at this level will be 12 hours.

5.3. General-purpose consulting:

General issues of Product installation and setup;

General issues of using the Product.

All questions will be answered in the order they have been received. 

The maximum allowed response time at this level will be 24 hours.

5.4. Development

Requests may be categorized under this service level if they are referred to the development department in search of an acceptable solution.

The maximum allowed response time at this level will be 7 days.

6. Table: Service Levels


Service Level

Emergency Support

Standard Support

General-purpose consulting




Maximum allowed response time

6 hours

12 hours

24 hours

7 days

Over the phone support (if required)





Referral to development dept.

if required

if required

if required


Issues to be solved

1. Product installation and setup

Technical support will resolve the following issues:

  • Help with Product installation, setup and use. Service depth and breadth: within the scope of the user manual;

  • Help with typical problems faced when installing, setting up or using the Product;

  • General help with software selection. Specific recommendations are also set forth in the corresponding sections of Product documentation.

Technical support will NOT be able to handle the following issues:

  • Product won't install;

  • Third-party software on the client's computer won't work; 

  • Software diagnostics fails.

2. Improving efficiency

Technical support will resolve the following issues:

  • General assistance with software selection to help the Project perform better;

  • Product setup recommendations;

  • Recommendations on using built-in caching mechanisms and other such functionality to help reduce Project load.

Technical support will NOT be able to handle the following issues:

  • Software won't set up properly on user computers and servers;

  • Diagnostics and load testing on client's servers won't work;

  • Software components or modules won't optimize;

  • Malware removal from client's device won't work.

3. Software update issues

Technical support will resolve the following issues:

  • Assistance finding and fixing problems caused by incorrectly installed updates.

Technical support will NOT be able to handle the following issues:

  • Server connectivity issues, problems connecting via a proxy server, except for the Product's internal settings.

4. Software errors

Technical support will resolve the following issues:

  • Help to find and to eliminate errors occurring during use and Product runtime errors, as well as their underlying reasons;

  • Help to fix software errors. Running diagnostics to find Product software errors. The errors identified will be fixed on the spot or addressed in subsequent updates, depending on their complexity;

  • Help with software installation errors. Giving general recommendations as per the installation instructions and Product documentation. Suggesting known solutions to similar problems.

Technical support will NOT be able to handle the following issues:

  • Detecting and fixing connectivity issues or server software settings.

5. Development issues

Technical support will resolve the following issues:

  • Offer advice on general software integration issues based on the integration instructions and Product documentation;

  • Offer advice on using the Product's API modules.

Technical support will NOT be able to handle the following issues:

  • Advise users on general programming issues;

  • Run diagnostics for third-party programming solutions or software components;

  • No additional Product development will be done as part of technical support. All such requests will be forwarded to the design department to be considered and possibly included, at said department's discretion, in the standard version of the Product. This will not be subject to any particular timeframe or deadline.

6. Theoretical issues of working with the system

Technical support will address the following issues: 

  • Advise on Product functionality, if a corresponding description is missing from the documentation;

  • Advise on Product setup in the event of difficulties working with said documentation and instructions;

  • Take note of recommendations and requests related to Product functionality, to be subsequently referred to the design department;

  • Working with, augmenting and refreshing Product documentation.


The Procedure of Contacting Technical Support

1. Work will be done as requested by the partner or its client. All such requests will be processed at the dedicated technical support site, A technical support request may be made as described below:

2. The request must contain a clear, coherent description of the issues encountered or problems to be solved. To help resolve any such issues quickly and efficiently, please indicate the following in your request:

  • Name of the Product you have difficulties with;

  • Product version used;

  • Problem description and a step-by-step description of the actions leading to the problem (if at all possible);

  • Using the terms used in Product documentation will help;

  • Browser used when the problem occurred;

  • Operating system and its version used when the problem occurred;

  • Technical support may request additional information about Internet connectivity and antivirus software settings.

3. Where problem diagnostics and resolution requires taking action from within the client's account, technical support may ask for the client's Product access particulars, such as login name and password, or create a temporary password for the purpose. 

Those particulars will need to be changed immediately once the issue is resolved. Technical support personnel will not be responsible for information security beyond the first two days after the issue has been resolved. 

4. Technical support will send the user an automatically generated acknowledgment in response to any request made in the manner described in paragraph 4.1 above. Every request will be assigned a unique reference number.

5. To reply and add additional comments to the original request, use the Reply button in your email software. The complete email thread may be viewed at 

6. No technical support will be provided via any other communications channels (such as telephone, forum posts or Skype). Questions asked in a manner other than that described above will not be deemed officially made requests. Where expedient, technical support requests made via telephone or Skype may be registered. However, said communications channels should only be used to ask for general-purpose advice. 

7. Technical support requests sent by email may include screenshots and other graphics that may help illustrate and resolve the issue. Screenshots may be in the JPG, GIF or PNG format, or via a link included in the body of the email. When using BMP screenshots, make sure you RAR or ZIP them first. 

8. Answers to standard, frequently asked questions may be provided as links to appropriate sections of online Product documentation, or their download pages, posted FAQs or sites of third-party software developers. 

9. Any of the following may delay support response time or make effective resolution of the problem outright impossible:

  • Problem cannot be replicated as described on another similarly configured device; 

  • User is unable to provide sufficient information for resolving the problem;

  • Problem requires detailed diagnostics, and/or additional Product development or update;

  • User takes action in violation of technical requirements for Product installation and use or makes changes to the Product;

  • User has an unlicensed version of the operating system installed;

  • Issue is beyond the scope of technical support;

  • User's device is infected with malware;

  • Question is asked incorrectly, user becomes agitated, or additional information requested is not provided in a timely manner.

10. When email is used to seek technical support, there may be problems with third-party email software or spam filters. A request is only deemed accepted if you receive an acknowledgment thereof with a unique reference number. This means the request was not deemed to be spam and was registered by technical support. If you have problems receiving mail, we suggest you use for your technical support needs and communicate with the service using their own interface provided for the purpose.


Assessing the Quality of Technical Support Provided

Aggregion believes quality technical support of all of its software Products to be vitally important and makes every effort to assist users with a wide variety of issues. We ask that upon resolution of your issue you rate the quality of technical support received. If you think your request was closed before the issue was resolved, feel free to bring the issue up with technical support again. You may also want to contact the technical support team leader for comments or help with speeding up the resolution of your urgent request. Make sure that you write "Attention Technical Support Team Leader" in the subject line or the body of your email. 


Additional Information for Aggregion Partners

1. Technical support phone numbers:

  • + 7 (495) 120-19-25

  • 8 (800) 500-68-51

2. User documentation for the Product is available at

3. Technical documentation for the Product (API, integration, etc.) is available upon request from