There are two types of accounts in Aggregion: individual accounts and accounts of organizations (corporate accounts). Please note that an individual account on the platform may be the administrator or owner of a corporate account. You can create a corporate account immediately upon registering. You could also create a corporate account from inside the platform, having logged in as an individual account holder.

1. Go to "Accounts" (blue arrow on Exhibit 1).


Exhibit 1


2. Click on the "Add account" button (green arrow on Exhibit 2).


Exhibit 2


3. Fill in the form (Exhibit 3). "Organization's Name" is a required field. Other fields are optional. Don't forget to specify your desired currency. By default, all prices when you create products will be shown in the currency you have selected.


Exhibit 3


4. The user that creates a corporate account will be its owner (green arrow on Exhibit 3). The name of the owner cannot be changed.

5. To give other users access to the corporate account, give them administrator rights (blue arrow in Exhibit 3). Any number of users registered with the platform can be appointed administrators. Add users in the "Administrators" field using their emails or log-in names. Administrators could be appointed at the time the corporate account is created or later, at any point in time. To terminate user access to the corporate account, remove that user from the list of administrators.

6. Click on the "Save" button (red arrow on Exhibit 3).

7. To edit an organization which is created earlier, click on the “Edit” button (red arrow on Exhibit 4); alternatively, click once on the name of the organization on the list.

8. All of the saved organizations may be exported as a .csv table. To do that, click on “Organizations Export” (green arrow on Exhibit 4), and a table of organizations from your account will be downloaded to your device. To upload a list of organizations from a device to your account, use the “Organizations Import” button (blue arrow on Exhibit 4).


Exhibit 4


9. To Remove the created organization account, select it as shown on the Exhibit 4. and click “Archive” (green arrow on Exhibit 4). 


Exhibit 5



To remove an organization account you should be the owner of the organization. 

Removing of the account you are working in at the moment is impossible.You should switch to another account.