Registration through the Aggregion Platform

Confirming Email Addresses

Registration through third-party authorization provider

To begin working with the platform, you first need to create an individual account, i.e. register. Your individual account will be the owner or administrator of any corporate accounts.

Registration through the Aggregion Platform

You can register a standalone individual account or, if desired, create a corporate account under it right away.

1. Go to (if you are not logged in yet, the system will automatically route you to the login page).

2. In this window, you can also change your interface language (green button on Exhibit 1).

3. To register a new account, click on the "Sign up" button (red arrow on Exhibit 1).

Exhibit 1

4. Fill in the form that opens up (Exhibit 2.1) and confirm that you are not a robot (purple arrow on Exhibit 2.1). All of the fields are required.

Exhibit 2.1

Field list:

  • Email - actual email address to which a registration confirmation request will be sent (only one account can be registered to an email address).
  • First name - in any language.
  • Last name - in any language.
  • Password - there are no specific requirements as to passwords, but Aggregion does not recommend using predictable combinations, such as 123456, etc. It is recommended that your password contain both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers and have at least 6 symbols. By default, the password will remain hidden, showing as *** as you enter it, but you can change this using the "Show" button (Exhibit 3).


Exhibit 3

5. To register an individual and corporate account at the same time, click on the "Sign up here" button (green arrow on Exhibit 2) and fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (*). All other fields are optional (Exhibit 4).

Exhibit 4

6. Once done, press the "Sign up" button (red arrows on Exhibits 2 and 4).

7. By registering, you automatically agree to Aggregion's terms and conditions that you can first familiarize yourself with by pressing the "Aggregion's Terms of Use" button (blue arrow on Exhibit 2).

8. If all the fields have been filled in correctly, a message will be displayed confirming the successful creation of your account on the Aggregion platform.

9. Now you can use your login name and password to log in to the platform.

Confirming Email Addresses

1. After registration, you will receive an email to the address you have indicated asking you to confirm registration with the platform.

2. Simply click the "CONFIRM E-MAIL" button in the confirmation request (red arrow on Exhibit 5).

Exhibit 5

3. Your browser will automatically reroute you to a new window where the system will inform you that your account has been activated successfully (Exhibit 6).

Exhibit 6

4. In that window, you can also change your interface language.

5. To continue working, simply close that window.

Registration through third-party authorization provider

1. You can log in to the system through one of the following third-party authorization providers (blue arrow on Exhibit 7):

Exhibit 7

2. Once logged in, proceed to "Accounts" and "My Profile" to check if your information has been correctly transferred to the platform from the authorization provider of choice (seeĀ Working with Accounts).

3. Please note that once you log in to the system using the third-party authorization provider, you will only be able to access your account using that account with the third-party authorization provider.